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Big Gulp Girls Annika Amour

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Ah, Annika Amour. Isn’t she that little devil in the sheets? You just know she has that feisty wild side to her that your cock needs to experience. She ain’t a big gulp girl for nothing as she grips on that man rod and works it like it was her job to do. She will surprise you with her tongue tricks and her varying styles and would leave you wanting more and more of her blowjob know-how. All you have to do now is shower her with your man juice and she likes it all in her mouth for her to swallow.

Big Gulp Girls Hurricane Barbie

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Hurricane Barbie got her name for her skill in giving blowjobs. She may look like a harmless little chick who only submits her pussy to a drilling but she can control a dick like it was meant to be her slave. She can work her mouth and tongue like a hurricane to give you and your cock and intense sensation, making you want to shower her whole body with your hot and sticky load. But her fast and aggressive thrusts will never allow you to do that showering, instead you’d have to shoot your full load inside her tiny lips and have her swallow every last bit of your cum.

Big Gulp Girls Bella Nikole

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Bella Nikole has perfected the art of giving oral sex like it was for her dissertation. She knows how to give you the perfect POV and she can swallow a full load like she was hungry for every bit of it. She is a sexy babe with a bad attitude and you would want to spank her hard in the ass as you fuck her from behind. But she cannot let you drill your dick in her tight holes until you agree to let her blow your mind with her tongue. You won’t be sorry you had her kneel before you cause she is great at giving blowjobs and is very proud of it.

Big Gulp Girls Kelly Klass

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Youngster Kelly Klass looks as if she just got out of her school uniform and just skipped all her homework to go straight into blowing your cock. Foregoing her school work for some hot and heavy foreplay is a turn on for this little lady and she hopes she is doing the same for you. She can handle your massive dick with one hand and play with herself with the other, giving all your senses a worthwhile experience. She can make you cum all over her dirty little mouth and make you watch her swallow your load, from the very first to the very last drop.

Big Gulp Girls Liv Aguilera

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Gorgeous gal Liv Aguilera is the go-to girl when you need a little R&R. You will certainly feel rested and relaxed as you watch her ever so slowly stripping in front of you showing off her hot and perfectly sculpted body for you. Her knockers are luscious and perky and her tight hole is a jewel to be found once you make your way between those flawless legs and that well maintained pubic hair. Take it all in for a second as she makes her way to your rock hard dick to give you a deep and passionate blowjob that will make you crave for another massage right after the first one.

Big Gulp Girls Kimmy Kay

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Kimmy Kay is one of the best in the biz when it comes to giving head. It is as if she is an oral sex instructor with how she handles a dick with her lovely French tipped fingers. She is a delightful tease too as she strokes and cups her breasts to make her nipples rock hard for you. But you can’t touch any part of her naked body until she is done with her expertise. So just sit back and relax and let her beautiful face work your package like a pro. She swallows too, you know, so just enjoy the show.

Big Gulp Girls Emily Kae

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Emily Kae has the looks and feel of a blonde beauty queen and who the hell does not lust for a beauty queen giving his cock a hot tongue bath? No one in his right mind would resist the urge to fuck this elegant young lady and it is great to know she also loves giving oral as much as receiving it. She can handle a rod like a queen’s wand and after she’s done with you, you would feel as if you have been knighted by the queen herself. She can send shivers down your spine as she works your whole package, from your dick to your balls she can lick and suck you dry.

Big Gulp Girsl Penelope Stone

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Pretty young star Penelope Stone looks like a cheerleader with a rock and roll style. She has those big sparkling brown eyes and a tantalizing smile that can make any man dream of having her kneel before him for a deep throat. She may have a slim physique but her breasts are of the perfect size and her tattoos add nice details to her sun kissed skin. What is great about her is she has the rhythm when it comes to giving head and it’s great for your cock when you really think about it. She combines her hands and her tongue in a perfect sync to give the utmost pleasure and you know you just need to blow that hot load inside her mouth to see her swallow it.

Big Gulp Girls Allison Moore

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Voluptuous red head Allison Moore is the embodiment of the sexy and sophisticated woman. She may be young and fresh but she knows she wants a man to caress her and her flawless curves can surely help her get any man she wants. Yes she loves to have a good fuck but her favorite part by far is in giving the perfect blowjob. She can work a man’s package like she was hungry for it and you just know her man’s having the best time of his life in her hands. What a triple threat this girl really is cause she a beautiful face with a skillful mouth, a great body and big luscious breasts.

Big Gulp Girls Sasha Yung

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Fun loving Asian starlet Sasha Yung is as cute as she is deadly when it comes to giving the best blowjobs. She is a special girl too cause she just had her braces on and it may seem to be a struggle to give cocks that perfect tongue massage. But Sasha’s luscious lips are locked and loaded that even with her braces on she can make a man moan in delight with every dive of his cock in her throat. She is lovely to look at and the POV of her performance makes it all the more lustful. Sasha knows the way to a man’s heart and more so the way to his cock.